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Many People are Moving to Read Comics Online.

With the fast pace moving world, as mentioned, people are always on the go. With all we have at our fingertips, people can enjoy their wait times anywhere as they read comics online. Comics for the people who love reading them is a way to relieve stress, occupy their minds, enjoy their break times at work or school, and any other idol times where all a person has is their thoughts. It helps to pass the time if a person is waiting, and they read comics online. With smartphones available and mobile websites, everyone can read and enjoy their time waiting. Reading is something most people do not think about while waiting. Many people read articles and magazines in designated locations. When we think about it, we read more than we realize. When it comes to comics, those who have the passion read more. Sometimes they get so into the story; they forget everything else.

Some websites have subscriptions people can join to read comics online. Severe Comics offers free comics online to anyone interested. These are the ones we have available:

  • The Panther

  • Creatur

  • Outerman

  • Surprise-Hawk

  • Severe Judgement

  • Dawn Lionheart

  • Severe Tales

  • The M-Force

  • The Monkey King

  • Gordon Girl

  • Cosmic Player

  • Captain Cauldron


Our service is free comics online, but we work off of donations. The public's generosity appreciates the artwork, storylines, and hair raising action-packed adventures. Our customers are our greatest fans. These free comics online offer the best way to pass the time while getting into the fun and excitement. When people see how remarkable these comics are, they are compelled to donate for the effort we put forth. Comics have always been a hobby, but it is not something we can keep to ourselves. We have to share it, and people who are into comic books love what we are doing.