Hero Comics

The Differences Between Hero Comics and Villain Comics

Hero Comics are that of the superhero, or in some cases, a regular person with a justice motive. There is a storyline of how the hero came to be. In most cases, those who play the hero in hero comics come from another planet or had some warped incident that gave them superpowers. We can take some of the most famous like Superman, born on the planet Krypton and came to earth. He obtained his superpowers as soon as he crossed the earth's atmosphere. Others, like Spiderman, who was bitten by a rare spider, got his superpowers from the spider's venom. We have many superheroes in our selection with storylines of how they became superheroes. Their morals always kept them on the side of the law.

For villain comics, the same can be said for how they came to be. Only their side is mostly dark and twisted. One of the most famous characters, for instance, is The Joker. He is one that everyone is familiar with when someone mentions a villain. His character's story was different in the many different movies, shows, and comic books. The Joker started as a normal human being named Jack Napier. He was sick, twisted, and enjoyed killing in almost a mafia-style way. When he became The Joker, he was hard to kill and even more so to capture. The villain comics we offer have their own stories of similar dark and twisted ways. Every comic book has the same superhero, sometimes adding new ones, but each edition has a different criminal. It is what has made comic books so fun and exciting for all these years.