The Joy Comics Brings To Everyday Life

Sometimes in life, people may find themselves bored with school routines, work, chores, and other things that keep us in a rut. We all have our fantasies and imaginations that we use to take us away from the world as we get caught up in it. Comics are one of those ways where fantasy can become a reality in our imaginations as we read of superheroes and villains. Comics keep us from getting bored and bring a bit of excitement to our lives like a hobby. Years ago, when the theaters came on with different characters, they played out skits that left a person hanging off the edge of their seats. People would have to go back the following week or the next showing to see what happened to their favorite superheroes like Batman and Robin or Superman. Comics tend to do this with a more extended storyline, but different adventures every issue. Cowboys shows or Westerns would do the same thing.

Severe Comics is comics online that are up to date with today's latest technology. We use the power of the internet to reach more people who appreciate comics. Many books are moving toward audio or ebooks. Newsletters and even some newspapers are in line with the internet as people now use their smartphones to access the latest news, events, or stories. Everyone is mobile, and on the go, so we figured, why not do the same with comic books? Severe Comics is our way of putting all the latest characters and superheroes with comics online. Most superheroes have the same storylines with an everyday person hiding their superpowers while trying to fit in with society. However, each one is unique in their own way. Every storyline is different, and people who read comic books can choose which ones to follow or call their favorites.